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Donate Now, Change a Future

Donation Impacts

Our Future of Change donates 100% of their funds to Her Future Coalition in order to support the employment, shelter, and education of trafficking survivors. By donating, you will be changing a life by providing opportunities to those who have endured years of exploitation.

Donate Now, Change a Future.

  • $10 feeds a survivor for a week

  • $30 educates a survivor for a month

  • $50 shelters a survivor for a month

  • $360 educates a survivor for a year

  • $1,000 educates an entire classroom for a month

Why Donate to OFOC?

At Our Future of Change, we provide students with the resources they need to get involved in the fight against trafficking. We aim to combat the “all or nothing” mindset which students tend to have when trying to make a difference against trafficking by teaching that a small difference can go a long way. Donations to OFOC help encourage students to get involved in the fight against trafficking while supporting the programs which Her Future Coalition offers survivors. If you are between the ages of 13-22, you can also support us by joining our ambassador program and extending our fight against trafficking into your community!

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