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OFOC Events

Current Events/Fundraisers

Sarah Symons

Coding for Change 

This workshop took place on July 24th and 25th, 2021. Participants discussed various aspects of human trafficking with youth leaders and learned how to code their own webpage!  We coded almost 30 webpages, and raised almost $200! Check out this website to further your knowledge on human trafficking through participant webpages! 

Dare Event 

Running from July 11-July 21, 2021, donors dared OFOC ambassadors to complete a fun challenge in this challenge-based fundraiser! Check out some of the dares completed!
Mehreen painting nails blindfolded
Jasmeen eating a spoon of hot sauce
Abigail doing her makeup with eyes closed

A Glimpse of a Survivor's Story: Educating Ourselves One Clip at a Time 

On March 6, 2021, we held a free Zoom webinar featuring short informative documentary clips and guest speakers (Tish Roy, Bri Rollins, and Jasminder Sekhon) who described their experiences in anti-trafficking activism. With over 50 attendees, our participants left this event having learned more about human trafficking and felt hopeful through our discussion regarding how we can contribute to building a better future for survivors. 

Rebirth: Virtual Art Exhibit

In July 2020, we hosted a virtual art exhibit under the theme of "Rebirth" to highlight the growth and empowerment which survivors experience when reintegrating into society and leading bright futures. Click on the image to view the artwork featured in our exhibit!

Around The World: A Virtual 5K

In fall 2020, we hosted a virtual 5K to fundraise for Her Future Coalition. We recruited over 50 participants and raised over $1,000!

Interview Series 

Jessie Brunner + Professor Grant Miller

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