Our Past Events

Infinite Hope: A Night of Art and Unity

July 25th, 2020

We hosted a virtual art exhibit under the theme of "Rebirth" to highlight the growth and empowerment which survivors experience when reintegrating into society and leading bright futures. Watch this video to learn what the theme of "Rebirth" means to some of our ambassadors!
Annabelle Li, Sreenidhi Mudigonda, and Rebecca Candeloro performed during the event. Rebecca sang "Roar" by Katy Perry, a song which about empowerment and finding your voice, even in hard times. Watch her performance here!

Written Work

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A forgotten cup of coffee by Bernardo So
Art in the Park (4).png
Here I Am by Mariana Carvalho Delamagna
Art in the Park (6).png
Art in the Park (7).png
Art in the Park (8).png
Art in the Park (10).png
Art in the Park (11).png
Art in the Park (9).png
The Artwork
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