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Meet Deepika Nerayanuri: Founder of The Curae Organization

Written by Shiyani Balakumar

The Our Future of Change (OFOC) co-founder, Abigail Jones, had the opportunity to chat with the founder of The Curae Organization, Deepika Nerayanuri. Through The Curae Organization, Deepika empowers individuals to achieve their goals and live their lives optimally with happiness and success.

Being a compassionate and empathetic individual, Deepika was often considered the “advisor” in her friend group. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when many individuals started experiencing depression and other related mental health issues, many of Deepika’s friends would reach out to her regarding the state of their mental health. As a result, Deepika began to wonder how many others globally were feeling the same way, and she wanted to create an organization to destigmatize mental health issues.

As well, the self-help book, “7 habits of highly effective people,” was another contributing factor to founding The Curae Organization. At the age of 12, Deepika’s father challenged her to read the book, and it opened her eyes to different perspectives and mindsets. By realizing that she had been limiting her mindset to a single perspective for years, this book played a key role in changing her life for the better. As a result of these experiences, Deepika founded The Curae Organization. She chose the name “curae,” which is Latin for “taking care of” or “taking care,” because she believed that individuals can lead an effective lifestyle with success and happiness, only once they start taking care of their mental health.

In the beginning stages of The Curae Organization, the organization’s social media pages had very few followers. However, as the number of followers increased, Deepika was able to achieve a greater reach for the organization. Infographics are often posted to raise awareness of mental health illnesses and phobias, educate the general public, and destigmatize mental health illnesses. Eventually, many individuals started to reach out to The Curae Organization through Instagram direct messages because they could resonate with the content being posted. In addition to Instagram, social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Discord help connect individuals and allow them to talk to one another through a built community.

Moreover, The Curae Organization holds many workshops—Deepika’s favorite being the “Shifting to a growth mindset” workshop. A specialized growth mindset trainer, Linda, was invited to share her perspective and the floor was later opened to the audience to ask questions and share their opinions and perspectives.

If you are interested in volunteering and supporting The Curae Organization, be sure to follow their Instagram page @the_curae and their Linkedin page linked here: Volunteer recruitment will open up very soon! If you are interested in contributing articles, poems, or stories for the organization’s upcoming open biweekly magazine, keep a lookout for more information on Instagram.

Learn more about Deepika Nerayanuri and The Curae Organization by checking out the organization’s website:

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