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OFOC 5K: Around The World by Madison Zhou, edited by Marina Alex

Our Future of Change’s next event will be a 5k sponsor run around the world!

Because you are able to participate at home and in your own neighborhood, OFOC’s 5k run is highly suitable for the current conditions due to the pandemic. It is also the perfect event for anyone who wants to support a good cause and collaborate with people all over the world!

Aside from the personal benefits, such as exercising, your 5k can help feed a trafficking survivor for one whole week! To join and help support this amazing cause, all you need to do is find yourself a sponsor who would be willing to donate a minimum of 10 dollars to sponsor your 5k run. You may also donate 10 dollars if you are able. In case of financial difficulties, OFOC would be happy to match you with an anonymous donor. Once you have a sponsor, you have up until October 18th to complete your 5k. If you feel comfortable, send OFOC a short 15-second video telling us why you are participating, a picture, or a 5-10 second video of yourself on your run. After you have successfully completed your run, you can donate the money through Her Future Coalition’s Network for Good page.

As a thank you for your participation, OFOC has prepared a little prize for you; the top donor will win two pre-selected pieces of jewelry made by a trafficking survivor from the HFC team and will get to choose one piece of jewelry (worth 50 dollars). In addition, you will have a chance to win something even if you are not the top donor. Your name will be entered into a raffle, giving you the chance to win a piece of jewelry and a handcrafted scarf made by trafficking survivors. The number one donor outside the US will instead receive a 100 dollar Amazon gift card, and raffle participants will receive a 30 dollar gift card.

This 5k is a great way to get involved, and it will be so exciting to see people from different backgrounds and countries come together to support the fight against human trafficking!

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