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Recommendations for Safety Apps People Can Use in India

Written by Devyanee Dalmia and Edited by Diya Patel

Personal safety apps are specially designed for you to communicate with other people you may need help from. These apps give you security, instant communication, and access to emergency help.

An increasing number of crimes against women have planted seeds of fear in the minds of Indians, which ultimately led to the imposition of strict deadlines and rules that all women are required to comply with, voluntarily or involuntarily. These rules gradually transform women into gentle beings incapable of dealing with the outside world. In light of this feeling of helplessness, the number of downloads of safety apps has increased, especially after the 2015 rape case in India.

To ease family members' fears and help women move about with confidence, entrepreneurs have launched apps for women's safety. The following apps can help Indian women stay safe and stay connected.

SpotnSave Feel Secure

SpotnSave Feel Secure is considered one of the most advanced security applications. The app sends an alert every two minutes along with one’s location to the preselected contact. If the user does not have access to their phone, they can use the bracelet that comes with the app and the push button on the bracelet strap. Just like the phone, the button sends a signal via BlueTooth to call for help.

Eyewatch SOS for Women

Eyewatch SOS for Women collects audio and video data of the user environment and sends it to the registered contacts together with a warning message. This application was praised for its high location accuracy, ability to work without GPRS, and security confirmation function. The user can inform their selected contacts they are in danger by pressing the “I'm sure” button.

Chilla (meaning “shout” in Hindi)

A girl unable to press the button of her smartphone while in a physical altercation can set off the Chilla app by shouting loudly. On activation, this app sends an alert message to the girl’s guardian. Apart from this feature, the Chilla app also sends urgent alert messages to pre-configured contacts 5 times.

Himmat (meaning “courage” in Hindi)

The Himmat app is a free safety app recommended for women by the Delhi police. In order to use the app, the user must register on the Delhi police website. After completing the registration, the user will receive an OTP, which must be entered at the time it is received. In a dangerous situation, if the user generates the SOS alarm from the application, the location information as well as the audio and video data are sent directly to the police control room in Delhi; following this alert, the police arrive at the scene to aid the victim.

112 India

After seeing the growth in violence against women, setting up an app which guarantees the protection of women is in high demand. One such app is 112 India, which guarantees that ladies in India are safe. Through this app, in an emergency situation, women can search for assistance from the listed neighborhood volunteers. This app then sends all of the vital data such as name, age, and emergency contacts to the range 112 (the State Emergency Control Room and the person’s emergency contacts).

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