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Recommendations for Safety Apps People Can Use in India

Written by By Devyanee Dalmia and Edited by Diya Patel

Education protects people from the social evils of the world, especially human trafficking. Education not only educates people on trafficking but also teaches people how to prevent trafficking.

Human rights are sacred, and once they are violated, it is a crime against humanity. Human trafficking is an immense violation of human rights because of the perpetrators holding an individual in captivity and forcing them to work against their will.

Some documentaries people should watch to educate themselves on trafficking are:

1. Face to Face with Slavery - This documentary follows the lives of currently-trafficked people, survivors of trafficking, and human rights activists within the Congo, Ghana, India, and Nepal. This documentary follows people who are involved in any stages of the fight against trafficking, from activists in operation aboard Free the Slaves to survivors of trafficking who are presently community leaders.

2. The Traffickers - This eight-part documentary may be found on Netflix. Nelufar Hedayat, the host of this documentary series, travels to all corners of the world to speak with victims of trafficking, trafficking survivors, traffickers, and people who purchase trafficked merchandise and people.

3. Rotten - This two-season documentary series, available on Netflix, focuses on specific industries involved in human trafficking, including dairy farms, avocado plantations, and sugar cane harvesting. Workers in these industries have been abused, but the protagonist Jessica Yu also discusses other issues related to the human trafficking industry. If you want to learn more about the interaction of labor laws, environmental issues, and consumer attitudes with human trafficking, Rotten can provide you with valuable insights into these peoples’ daily lives.

4. Children for Sale - The video is part of CNN's "Freedom Project", which aims to raise awareness of human trafficking in the United States and focuses on how the US judiciary treats young victims. The system is often accused of failing to see women as victims of abuse. In this film, Jada Pinkett Smith has an intimate conversation with sex trafficked girls and the women who helped them escape from traffickers.

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